Mr. Agboola

College (HOS)

Behold! This is M&M College here, our vision is our focus and focus is our direction. we thrive to be the preferred school around Nigeria, Africa, and Abroad.

We strive to inspire and challenge young minds in a supportive environment.
to be an outstanding school that creates a safe environment that enables
each learner to achieve his/her potential. M&M translates vision into reality.
We develop a nurturing culture within the school environment, and we develop team
players where we help, encourage, and praise one another. we value respect, care for one another, and are aware of those around us.

Our Philosophy

We Believe that every Child has a God giving destiny which the school is committed to assist him/her to fulfill. 

We believe that teachers and parents are partners in building an excellent heritage.

The child our primary customer whom we are obliged to satisfy Pupils are never disturbance to us, they are the reason for our existence.

Our Core Value


Building Excellent Heritage